About The Hip Hop Agenda

Educating and inspiring our generation to engage deeply with hip hop culture and it’s history, which gives life and broadens our experience. — The Hip Hop Agenda celebrates essential anniversaries such as birthdays, album releases, and other moments in history synonymous with hip hop culture.

The Hip Hop Agenda (yearly creative planner)

The Hip Hop Agenda is a full year content planner specifically designed for creatives and entrepreneurs who have a passion for Hip Hop culture. The latest planner is completely dated and runs from January to December. Key features include blank editorial and content calendars, a yearly and quarterly breakdown, and pages for end of month reflections. There’s also space reserved for notes, ideas, sketching, or whatever needs to be expressed.

What sets The Hip Hop Agenda apart from other planners is the inclusion of notable dates in Hip Hop history. In a “this day in history” style, this section of the planner lists essential dates such as birthdays of prominent rap artists, album releases, and other moments in history synonymous with Hip Hop culture. A perfect planner for the organized Hip Hop-head.

The Hip Hop Agenda idea came when creator, King Vashti, couldn’t find a planner that fit her design needs and reflect her personal style.

Forever a Hip Hop student, she has always been interested in its history and enjoyed soaking up knowledge from podcasts like The Combat Jack Show. She created her custom planner that worked well for her design style and brainstorming and included notable Hip Hop history dates. After using the planner and testing its functionalities, she decided to release the planner to the public in 2019, and the rest was history.