Set The Tone For 2022 With Palace One Eleven

The first 88 Hip Hop Agenda® 2022 orders will come with (1) crystal from Palace One Eleven: Honey Calcite, Blue Calcite, Fire Quartz, or Dalmatian Jasper.

Palace One Eleven is a Black-owned crystal and wellness company focusing on alternatives to elevate positive energy and mental wellness. The creator began practicing her journey with crystal healing over a decade ago. During recent changes in today’s climate, it became evident that the world needed different ways to combat stress, anxiety, depression.

Number 88: What Does It Mean?

The number 88 is a compelling number, containing the amplified energy of the number 8. The number 8 symbolizes patience, dependability, power, authority, practicality, good judgment, ambition, business, success, the manifestation of wealth and abundance, responsibility, inner wisdom, discipline, and justice.

The number 88 signifies an analytical approach to accomplishing some business goals. This number represents efficiency, intuition, analysis, business, balance, efficiency, and introspection. It signifies wealth accumulation and creating abundance.

The number 88 also indicates looking within and finding answers.

How about the crystals?

Big Bight Confidence Honey Calcite: Links to both the sacral and solar plexus. It supports feeling confident in creation —GREAT for new projects and endeavors. Enhances creativity helps your energy radiate from head to toe. Sparks creative ideas and increases drive and vitality; excellent to carry directly on the body for an extra push or focus.  

Blue Calcite. Calcite favors clear communication. This stone is encouraged to use during public speaking and communication. Help to overcome creative blocks, facilitate clear and concise communication. Great for studying. 

Intense focus Fire Quartz is for the “multitasker” and is excellent for adults. It is perfect for those who struggle with concentration or a short attention span while creating or studying. Fire Quartz helps to create focus as well as builds confidence. It is great for feelings of stability and grounding as it links to root chakra and sacral and solar plexus. 

Dalmatian Jasper is one of POE’s most extensive suggestions for men, promoting grounding and confidence. It provides protection and allows one to move forward in life. It brings fun and playfulness into one’s life. It helps with trust issues, encourages one to break down barriers and guards. It also helps to dissipate anger created by wanting revenge for others that have done you wrong. 

The black spots are tourmaline, so this stone also embodies the Tigers Eye — an everyday pocket crystal for everyone, but especially men. It promotes courage, self-confidence and helps during a transition in change. Tigers eye protects from negative energy, and it is incredibly grounding.