King Vashti X The Hip Hop Agenda® Announce Its Fourth Collection

King Vashti LLC X The Hip Hop Agenda celebrates the year’s end with the fourth yearly planner release. 

The Hip Hop Agenda® 2022

The inclusive drop accompanied by the tagline, “CURATING OUR CULTURE®,” educates and encourages our generation to engage deeply with hip hop culture and its history, which gives life by broadening our experience. 

The Hip Hop Agenda® celebrates essential anniversaries such as birthdays, album releases, and other moments in history synonymous with hip hop culture.

The potential for higher music appreciation and knowledge comes from exploring the many lessons and ideas presented throughout rap and hip hop history. And also by connecting and sharing newly obtained insight with like-minded individuals. —each one to teach one.

More About The Yearly Planner 

Thoroughly dated, this yearly planner is designed especially for the creative entrepreneur who has a love and passion for hip-hop culture.

The Hip Hop Agenda® is perfect for change-makers with huge dreams and ambitious goals. Someone with a vision. 

The yearly planner provides numerous organizational avenues and directs you through a holistic creative process with a simple, systemized approach to daily, aligned actions toward your purposes. 

With the utilization of concise guides and sleek layouts, the modern-day content curator/ creator can easily set realistic and attainable goals. 

Unlike past releases, The Hip Hop Agenda® 2022 features two distinctly expressive cover styles, including an evolution of the super chic and timeless solid matte black cover. 

The Hip Hop Agenda® consists of:

Understanding Social Media

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media goals 
  • Knowing your audience
  • Branding 
  • Hashtags
  • Content creation 

Creative Calendars 

  • Editorial calendar 
  • Content calendar 
  • 2022-2023 Yearly calendar
  • Marketing checklists 

Hip Hop History

  • Daily rap and hip hop history catalog (1973 to today)

Yearly Planning

  • Bring your year into focus 
  • Annual events on my radar 
  • Yearly goals / Quarterly goals

Weeks / Months

  • 52 Weekly spreads
  • 12 Budgeting
  • 12 Monthly calendar 
  • 12 Monthly goals/challenges 
  • 12 Monthly reflections


  • Notes
  • Creative space 
  • Video treatment 
  • Cover art
  • Index

Retail Information 

To better support the creator, please order The Hip Hop Agenda® 2022 directly from one of two websites: and

The Hip Hop Agenda® 2022 is also available for purchase today on Amazon.